Scientific Evidence Supports The Diversity Of Life

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The Living World, George B. Johnson, 2nd edition Essential understanding 5 continued Genetics, biotechnology and bioethics affect our daily lives. Chapters 3.11, 6, 7, 8.7-8.14, (part 2)Processes involving DNA Number of exam questions Protein synthesis (8.1-8.9) 17 1. DNA/RNA comparison Central Dogma DNA---mRNA---protein Transcription Translation Mitosis/meiosis (6) 18 Stages of mitosis and meiosis Terminology Genetics (7) 26 Terminology - homozygous, phenotype, alleles, etc. Probability - independent and dependent events Genetic crosses - monohybrid, dihybrid, sex-linked, incomplete dominance 4. Pedigrees Essential understanding 6 Scientific evidence supports the diversity of life. Chapters 2.1-2.8, 10, 20VII. Diversity of Life Change in life over time 23 Theories supporting change Darwin and natural selection (2.3) Evidence for change (10.1) Hardy-Weinberg Rule (10.6) Forms of selection and speciation (10.8, 10.10-10.13) B. Human change over time (20) 6 Anthropoids Primates Mans ancestors Essential understanding 7 The structure and function of fetal pig organ systems have similarities and differences to human systems. Chapters 21-23 Fetal pig dissection 6 Digestive system Respiratory Circulatory system Excretory system Essential understanding 8 Microorganisms impact our daily lives. Problem Based Learning Unit (PBL) Chapter 4.3, 12, 24.9IV. Microbiology 16 questions Prokaryotes B. Microbial agents (12) 1. Bacteria