Controversy of Racism Essay

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Controversy of Racism
Why are people so quick to stereotype or have hate for someone only because the color of their skin?
1. I chose to do my research over the continuing of racism and why people think it is okay to stereotype others based on their skin color or cultural beliefs
2. The relationship between Indian Education and Controversy of Racism is throughout the short essay Sherman Alexie overcame a lot of racism due to being an Indian. He chose to eventually branch out of the Indian Reservation to get the proper education he felt he needed. Also to exclude himself from all the racism he was going through for being different from other students on the reservation.
3. I chose to write on this specific subject because I have a biracial nephew and I would never want to see him have to go through any of this just because of the color of his skin, like Sherman Alexie did.
4. I am hoping to get some type of recollection of why people are the way they are about someone due to their skin color, culture, and/or beliefs. I have never understood why people are so judgmental and think its ok to stereotype for any reason, let alone race.

Citations and Annotations:
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Brain Berry is a freelance Irish journalist based in Washington. He is also a correspondent for the daily newspaper. I find his article to be very informative of the native culture. I believe that this will help with my research giving the background of the Indian culture and their beliefs.
2. David A. Hollinger, The Concept of Post Racial, Daedalus, Winter 2011, copyright American Academy of Art and Science
David A. Hollinger is a Preston Hotchkins professor of American History. The story he wrote is about post racial and post ethnic both being brushed aside to his belief. In this writing he discusses many issues that I feel would help with racial views and outlooks from a different source.
3. Kimberly Hefling, Federal Infrastructure on Reservations, Arizona News,
Kimberly Hefling is an education writer for the Arizona News. Her outlook on the Indian Reservation this day in age isn’t very good. She discusses the problems the reservation has in their buildings for education. Also explaining the students living in poverty during their school years. This story would give better detail of what students in the Indian Reservation endure.
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Kenneth Jost is a Harvard Graduate and has written more than 160 reports for the CQ Researcher. In this article he discusses if the US law enforcement profiling is prevalent. It also describes the difficult history associated with racial profiling. The outlook the author addresses is that the chiefs in the police department are trying to combat against racial profiling. This could help as a resource because it is another source for different racial situations.
5. Ouincy Troupe, My Take, Black Renaissance Norie, Spring 2011,
The author Quincy Troupe describes witnessing the rebirth of the Caucasian nationalism in American Society. In this article he tells how different races are stereotyped to succeed before people of his race. I feel this resource would help my paper