Essay on Corn Fed vs. Grass Fed Beef

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Rashad Mckinney
Make-up Essay
Holy cow, I haven’t eaten any beef or any red meat in over thirteen years. When I first saw the topic of this essay to discuss the primary differences between grass fed and corn fed beef. I had thought to myself hmmm I was thinking all cows had just ate grass. I always thought cow’s were slow food because they ate grass but I wondered how so much beef was being produced so fast, but then I thought about all the chicken steroid stories. Cows are ruminants designed by nature to stay healthy and be totally sustained taking nourishment on grass and only grass. Cows, have stomachs that are designed to digest grass. But of demand and because cattle producers are so profit driven, their operations use the cheapest
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After researching breeds, the best breeds of cattle for grass fed beef is Murray Grey cattle or the “Orie cookie cow” the Belted Galloway cattle or an English breed such as a Shorthorn cattle, Angus cattle, Red Angus cattle, and Hereford cattle. The Highland cattle also have not lost the ability to thrive on grass alone. The Canadienne cattle, Florida Cracker cattle, Devon cattle, Red Polled cattle, Randall Lineback cattle, and Ayrshire cattle are good cow’s to breed for grass fed beef in smaller farms than a big commercial one.
I think grass fed beef would be more suited for a braised brisket, chuck roast or short ribs, or pan fried liver or cube steak because it is a tougher meat. If you cook low and slow enough, you can make any cut fall-off-the-bone, and be fork-tender. Since grass fed beef is a tougher meat braising would be to me the best way to cook tougher meats because it makes them more tender than othe cooking method. With all the liquid that you use in a braising you will also end up with some nice au jus. I think the best dish suited for grass fed beef would be any cut that has a lot tenderness or any dish that requires ground beef like a burger or tacos. The corn fed beef has more fatty flavor so I think a big steak would do corn fed beef good and probably better than grass fed, because corn fed has the beauty of more marble then grass fed because of the saturated fat