Corporate Governance and Business Ethics Case Study Essay

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Topic: Business Ethics scenario Case Study

Date: 7th March 2011

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Miss. Janhavi R Joshi

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Professor Mrs. Monica Khanna

1. Receiving a Holiday Gift:
A supplier sends a basket of expensive foodstuffs to your home at
Christmas with a card: "We hope you and your family enjoy the
'goodies.'". What action(s) might you want to take?
Ethical dilemma: There are two reasons for such generosity from the Supplier. One could be that there is a long standing relationship with the supplier, and therefore the supplier is genuinely sending these gifts with no other intention than Christmas greetings. But the second reason and the most likely one is that
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• In business scenario when one company is trying to pull the other down by hook or by crook, it is difficult to be honest about the competitor’s actual reputation. But with a prospective client at stake I have to take care that I play a wise game of words. I have to try to cleverly tell the truth but also emphasize my company’s competitive strengths as compared to the competitor in the process.
Final decision: In such a situation it is better that I begin with the competitor’s actual position in the market in terms of services and products. The answer I would give will be very diplomatic but at the same time not even hinting that I am trying to degrade that competitor. Not only such an answer re-enforces the integrity of me as an individual/employee but also creates a positive image of the business ethics of the company. E.g.: I am the senior manager of Vodafone and my prospective customer asks me about the reputation of my close competitor Airtel. My answer would be “Sir,