Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate social responsibility is a corporate incentive to assess the company’s effect on the environment and social welfare and take responsibility for the impact it makes. Corporate social responsible corporations go above the required regulations and want to improve and better the environment or world. This kind of responsibility includes possibly adding extra costs to create positive social and environmental change. Businesses that practice corporate social responsibility, are essentially making ethical decisions about how to run the business and caring about others. Not only should the business care about their consumers, but everyone that comes in contact with the business. They should care about their employees, stakeholders, and consumers alike. The benefit of adopting corporate social responsibility is standing out amongst other corporations. Showing the corporations true integrity will get positive feedback from consumers. Some consumers demand responsible companies not just prefer them. Corporate social responsibility can definitely draw in consumers and help increase business. The corporation that stands out to me as far as social responsibility goes, is Walt Disney Company. Walt Disney Company started in 1923 as Walter Disney and his brother Roy, created the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. The first nine years, the company had its ups and downs. They went through a pitfall in distribution rights. The creation of Mickey Mouse saved the company and won over the hearts of many people. By 1932, the Disney Company started winning awards. The years 1950 through 1955, more progress was made for the Disney brothers. They created their first live-action film, Treasure Island, and began several television series. One of those series is known as The Mickey Mouse Club. They continued as far as opening the first California Disney theme park, Disneyland. Disney rose in popularity and moved into a wider market. Today, Walt Disney Company is still striving for excellence in everything that they do. They hold specific standards for the company which are not only business standards, but ethics standards as well. It’s the Company’s intent to instill knowledge and train to act ethically through the compliance training for all new employees of Disney. I believe that this company holds high expectations for everything they do and genuinely care about those they effect. This makes them a great example of a corporate social responsible company. Some of the things that I see that make them responsible are those consumers necessarily might not see just by going to the theme parks or watching the films. The ethical employee training knowledge and the above and beyond safety measures it reaches shows me that they care about their consumers and employees. Training their employees the way of ethical actions is important to make sure the right thing is always done. The safety measures that Disney promotes is internet safety for online interactive games for children and also product safety. All Disney products produced are required to go through an independent third-party safety tests to insure proper manufacture and accuracy. Disney also host extensive, original interactive content from trusted brands, and