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Rationale and marketing: The business that is going to be invented or create is going to be a shoe store that has stock of top selling shoes from the early 1990’s to the latest shoes. We plan to locate at places where the area of stores has big income/profit. Our organization will be a general partnership because having two owners/boss is way better then one because you can gather more ideas for costumers. Our employee is going to be highly trained so they know what the exact things they do when every consumer come in. our responsibility to them is greater then how we treat each other. We expect more costumers every month. We will organize a plan to tally up how many shoes we sold each month. There will be a lot of advertisements across the state so we can get diverse cultures. We plan to have no competitions or little because the less we have, the more profit us going to make. Our strategies is to try and open early before some other stores and close later after stores, so there’s a time zone where we are the only store open and people may come in. some other strategies would be give out promotions for costumers to get. Give out free calendars for people that are interested in knowing new shoes are coming in. give out warranty for shoes so they can have time to think on keeping the shoe or return it for full price. Manage to keep the store safe.
What you’re looking at is a shoe business that is located near big companies like Microsoft. Our business is one of a kind specialty that has all kinds of tennis shoes. We have shoes from the early 1990’s to the latest of new ones. We will always have stock of shoes so no matter what you’re looking for; you will always have a chance to buy it. There’s no other competition or little against us, so there’s no worry about us getting bankrupt. The main concept for our business is to help make our facility grow as a unit and improve on things we are struggling with. Microsoft has a huge net growth and bigger assets and liability. Our challenge or goal is to try and top them. There will be promotions for people that really like shoes for deals, but they must sign up for a reward card so we can mail them promotional stuff. Calendar will be handed out to people that wants to know when new shoes will be coming in. we have shoes from different kind of age groups. It doesn’t matter if you are old, there is probably more different type of shoes for them different style. We going to have different style for different diverse people coming in.

Self-Analysis: Before I invent my own business I had a job at a shoe store making sure customers like our product. By my information, I know a lot of things on what customers would like. Before anything is good, our employee’s must have some kind of experience of shoes or any manufacturing jobs. These will help conclude to our experiences for others. I had been in a shoe store company for a roughly 17 years, which mean that our business will be great. All of our studies we have taken, it was on marketing or manufacturing classes due to the fact we need experience. On training days we ask all employee’s to help one other on things they don’t know because the more you learn, the better then shoe Store Company will grow as a unit. Our products will be handled safely by our employee’s which also help make sure that our store is the best one you should go to. We got a master degree on batcher so we know the basic and advance concept of manufacturing. This will also boost our confident on making better improvements to our store once it grows over time.

Analysis: Some of our decision upon putting up this store is to organize an organization that will have a future. We plan to put this store/company near big cities like Seattle, Washington. We believe that the bigger the competition the more challenge for us, so we try to not go as deep and far into the competition and make our own thing. We plan to put our