Cost Of Survival

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People everywhere are throwing themselves in danger for a thrill, or possibly even just to go for a walk under dangerous conditions, or maybe even a war. I believe that survival is a scary thing to think about and people have their own different views but survival is only real is certain situations. For example in the three novels, The Seventh Man, The Moral Logic of Guilt, and The Cost of Survival there is different people experiencing different types of trauma and their own survival.

Another example is in the essay The Cost of Survival they talk about different adventures and how they happened. They talked about the overall costs to get the people home safely. And how the adventurists should be the ones to pay for their missions. “However,
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He tells how during the eye of the storm his father let him go out. The seventh man sees his friend and they head down to the beach then his friend gets taken from a so-called ‘Giant wave.’ “A wave like a huge snake with its head held high, poised to strike, was racing towards the shore (Murakami 138).” The wave stroke down and took away his friend and he was theft there on the beach alone, this experience is so traumatic for a young boy to be dealing with, so I would say this shows that survival is not only about the cost of money but the cost of regret.

In the last short story The Moral Logic of Survivor Guilt by Nancy Sherman, there is interviewers from war telling about their traumatic experiences with survival. There were many mistakes made and the interviewers always feel a source of guilt even though they couldn't help it. “In one wrenching case in April 2003 in Iraq, the gun on a Bradley fighting vehicle misfired, blowing off most of the face of Private Joseph Mayek who was standing guard near the vehicle.” Accidents happen that cause survival to seem so much more