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Research Notes 5.02 | | United States | Country #1 Canada | Country #2 China | Name, location, geographyLesson 05.02 Tip: When using the CIA World Factbook site, look under the sections for Government andTransnational Issues | Tip: When using the CIA World Factbook site, make sure to start in the upper right corner where you can select the countries you are researching. | | ------------------------------------------------- | While the United States is quite diverse in its terrain, vast mountain ranges to seemingly endless plains of land. The plains allow for easy ground transportation while planes, ships, other modes do well to supply other cities in the country. | Canada contains mountains and plains in the west with lowlands in the southeast. Shipping and land shipping Is viable here but shipping via sea is also quite possible due to the country's position. | -------------------------------------------------
China is located in Asia. The country consists of mainly mountains with high plateaus, deserts in the west; plains, deltas, and hills in the east. | Economic System | ------------------------------------------------- | America's economy is mixed for the most part, if not then it may lean more towards an open market rather than command. We are currently an economic hardship, with things such as Obamacare where people are now only fending for themselves here and now and not worrying about what will happen tomorrow.Economist: Adam SmithMap: | Canada is a mixed economy. Canada's monetary policy is very stimulative says a senior central bank official. The oilsands they say are going to be very productive to the economy if they are used to the fullest extent.Economist: John KeynesMap: | -------------------------------------------------
China's economy consists of mainly a command economy where the government has the majority of control of all operations taking place in that country. China's economy is currently under heavy bombardment for their abuse of workers for profit as well as counterfeit goods.-------------------------------------------------
Economist: Karl Marx-------------------------------------------------
Map: | 5.03 | | United States | Country #1 ___________________ | Country #2 _____________________ | Economic IndicatorsLesson 05.03 | | ------------------------------------------------- 76.3-------------------------------------------------
With the USA’s large export as well as import, we balance out in that section and have a healthy world trade. Free trade on the homeland is especially important and we compare more to Canada in this section rather than China. | ------------------------------------------------- 79.9-------------------------------------------------
Another economic indicator that allows Canada to excel is land trade with the USA which is quite efficient. | ------------------------------------------------- 51.2-------------------------------------------------
While China can export and import via sea, air trade is a necessity for the absolute first class of shipments. China also has a lot of mountain ranges, forcing land transport to get to another shipping port an issue. | 5.04 | | United States | Country #1 ___________________ | Country #2 _____________________ | Major IndustriesLesson 05.04 -------------------------------------------------
Tip: When considering absolute and