Courage: Life and Courage Jasmine Essay

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Jasmine N Gaines
Kaplan University

Professor K. Butler
June 25,2013


Courage is confidence to do something or be someone with the inner strength to no be fearful or afraid to try something or do something new. As I was reading the instructions of this project thoughts ran through my head over and over about who am I going to choose to write about my mom, my boyfriend, my grandparents, or my sister, luckily I finally chose one and it was my boyfriend Jamario Ratliff. I chose Jamario Ratliff because he demonstrated courage by showing how strong minded he was after not having his parents around after he was born and was then sent to an orphanage. Jamario Ratliff is courageous because, he is an strong worthy example of a person that has been to the fiery pits and back and has had his heart stumble all over since he was able to understand life. Courage was his way out. The even that took place and showed how he displayed courage was the passing of his uncle. In the midst of going to the orphanage, his uncle was the one that set out to look for him at the age of eleven. When his uncle found Jamario, he hugged him with great joy like he was his son. He finally took Jamario from the orphanage and finished raising him. Jamario looked at this man as his hero, his protector, and furthermore as a father figure. The passing away of his uncle hurt so badly, that he couldn’t bare to look at his demise body lying there in the casket. Jamario displayed courage by wanting to do the right things of life and wanted to take back what he took for granted when his uncle was living. Courage was an important role in his…