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Bring Your Weapon to the Wall
Nehemiah 4:16-18

Many of us are under the misconception that we are saved today and filled with the Holy Ghost because we chose God. Many Christians today believe that they are a part of the body of Christ because they made a conscious decision to choose God. Yes, that may be true: one day you made the decision to get up out of your set, walk down the aisle, you gave the preacher your hand and God you heart. But the real truth is, you did that because God had preordained that you would come. Please be clear, that you are a child of God, you are a Christian, you are a Kingdom citizen, simply because God chose you. As crazy as you maybe, as off as you can act, God chose you to be a part of His team. Just like Jesus went about and called His disciples to be fishers of men, God has called you from the darkness into the marvelous light. Now here is the kicker, God knew about all of your mess when He called you, but He called you anyway. That’s why you’d be crazy to let anyone run you out of your church. Don’t you let anyone or anything run you from the place where you have been planted. You are not here for the pleasure of man; you are here to work in a manner that might be pleasing to God. Man didn’t call you, God did. Man did not interview you and qualify you for this call, God did it. Child of God, whether you realize it or not, you have been handpicked by God to work on the wall. Tell someone near you, God handpicked me for this assignment. Folk might not like you, and the truth is, sometimes you might not like you, but the fact still remains God chose you for this spot on the wall. Tell your neighbor, I’ve got a spot on the wall. My spot is not your spot, and your spot is not my spot, but everybody in the body of Christ has been assigned a spot where they are to work. But the problem in the church is, people won’t stay in their own spot. And while you keep trying to get in the spot that I’ve have been assigned to work, the work in your spot is not being fulfilled. The truth is, I’m working my spot, but we’ve got too many displaced workers, and so now we’ve got holes in our walls. Now please be clear, when you decide to get off the wall, when you choose not to be in place, this is not a slap to my face, this is a slap to the face of God. I didn’t call you, He did. I didn’t give my life to save yours, He did. I didn’t wake you up this morning, He did. I didn’t deliver you and set you free, He did. I didn’t touch you and heal your body, He did. I didn’t blow on your finances and provide for you, He did. When you found yourself in an unexpected situation and you didn’t know what to do, I didn’t work a miracle in your life, He did. And so, when you decide that you’re going to put other things before the work of the church, when you decide that this thing and that thing is more important than your assignment, you forsake God, not me. And what I’m totally clear of, that God will not allow the work to go undone; that when one gets out of place God, will raise up somebody to fill your shoes. Don’t you go getting the big head, thinking that if you don’t do it won’t get done. Please! God already had a plan in place for the day that you got out of place. God already has a ram in the bush, so when we start smelling ourselves, He’s got somebody who will pick up the slack until we get over ourselves. Tell somebody near you, get over yourself and stay on the wall. The gospel according to Honey Cone says it like this: “One monkey don’t stop no show.” Whether you are here or not, the show will go on. Whether you are in place or not, the work will go on. Jesus said it like this: “Upon this rock I build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail.” Hell shall not prevail. I don’t care who it shows up in, hell shall not prevail… I am clear, working on the wall can be frustrating at times, but the truth is, it’s not supposed to be easy. I need you to…