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Students often believe that wearing a shirt that is anti-homosexual is a form of their self expression that should not be bothered. However, adolescents don't realize how harmful their shirts can be to other students and in some cases the student himself. Although it is stated in the First Amendment that everyone is promised freedom of speech, in public schools this should be limited due to the protection of the students. Administrators should make the final decision on whether a shirt or an action of the student is appropriate or harmful. Although people are for the right to freely express their opinions, school administrators should determine what students can and cannot do.

Administrators should make the final decision on whether a clothing item a student is wearing is offensive or not because students are incapable of deciding that themselves. In some cases administrators should allow certain items but in other cases they should not. Such as, if a student is wearing an armband to show that he or she is against the Vietnam War, this should be allowed because, "The wearing of an armband for the purpose of expressing certain views is the type of symbolic act that is within the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment." However, if a student wears a more harmful item of clothing, such as a shirt that reads, "Homosexuality is Shameful," should not be allowed because, “The rights of students must be 'applied in light of the special characteristics of the school