Court Managment Essay

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Court Management

August 12, 2013
Court Management
The courts play a very important role in the criminal justice system. The purposes and responsibilities of the courts is only a portion of what the public can see from the outside. Internally, there are many more aspects of the court system. For example, does anyone know who oversees the court system and what these people do? The foundation for a successful court system must have a successful management team. This team would be responsible for the planning of the current court system as well as focusing on future court processes. Hiring and firing judges and prosecutors while providing the appropriate funding needed for the courts to function properly is another very important factor that needs special consideration. With the constant changes in society and the types of crime taking place today and in the future, court consolidation and strategic planning is more important than ever.
When it comes to the courts they are here to prosecute criminals and get justice for people. The courts see minor to major cases depending on what the case will also depend in what court they will be prosecuted. The judges make sure they are prosecuting correctly and giving the right amount of time for those that are found guilty. The courts see many people every day for crimes they may or may not have committed. Everybody has the right to a speedy trail and a trail with jurors, no matter what their statues is in this country. The courts are responsible of helping those that need the help by putting them in rehabilitation centers so they can become better citizens. When thinking about the court strategic plan “the court leadership team must be able to distinguish between problems and issues that are routine form those that affect the courts capacity to deliver over them” (NACM)
In its September 2010 Strategic Plan for the Federal Judiciary, the Judicial Conference of the United States affirmed accountability as one of the federal judiciary’s six core values, a term encompassing “stringent standards of conduct; self-enforcement of legal and ethical rules; good stewardship of public funds and property; effective and efficient use of resources (Administrative Oversight & Accountability, n.d.). In other words, effective court management begins with holding everyone who works for the courts accountable for his or her actions. These individuals will be judged on a different scale simply because they are employees of a department whose basis stands on justice. It would be hypocrisy to have underlying issues with court officials and demand justice for those individuals not employed with the court. This is the foundation on which the courts stand.
Restructuring the courts will restore public confidence to a system that has long been viewed in the public as insurmountable and a new simplified structure would promote public understanding about how the court system operates (Court Restructuring & Simplification, 2012). This is exactly what the people need; a system in which they believe in and can have trust in. Times have changed so much it demands a restructuring of the courts that simplifies its uses for the people.
The restructuring of the future court processes and responsibilities as part of court management efforts and responsibilities includes a large work load that the judges and prosecutor attorney has which fair tail and the cost of court which has increased and will continue increasing. The future court processes should be well funded and less tense for judges. As well as more judges and attorneys should be appointed and hired to make the whole processes smoother. Also, the responsibilities for each level will have a check and balance. Furthermore, in the future a change will be the ultimate…