Court room participation Essay

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Courtroom Participation

The American criminal justice system consists of many different entities with the court system being one of the more important. The courtroom arena often appears something out of the Roman days with immense concrete pillars and sculptures that signifies American law almost representing a coliseum. Not all courtrooms are elaborate as others but the courts are where justice is served. Within the walls of justice are its participants that ensure the sometimes elaborate process is carried out fairly and properly. A participant is someone that is takes a role to some sort of activity. The roles of the participants will be further divulged and identified by their purpose within the courtroom system. The most recognized participant would be the judge. In the minds of most the judge sits behind a large desk, wearing a black robe with gavel in hand almost like a king taking his place at the throne. The judge however is no king but an impartial party that keeps the trial flowing along smoothly and makes decisions over disagreements between the prosecution and defense. Impartiality is important so biased feelings do not sway the verdict. The lawyers are one of the more important participants in the courtroom. Prosecutors are reps of the state and charged with prosecuting criminal cases and ensuring the right person is being convicted. Prosecutors will present the evidence to the jury. Defense attorneys are reps of the defendant. Many defendants that have the financial means are able to hire a defense attorney to represent them or if not there will be an attorney appointed to them by the state free of charge. A defense attorney will convey the facts of their client’s case in a positive light in hopes of proving they are innocent or giving reasons for why the crime was committed in expectations of seeking a lighter sentence. Many times the prosecutor and defense attorney will plea bargain due to many different reasons such as a weak case or to obtain specific facts of the crime in exchange for a lighter sentence. Plea bargaining in essences involves some sort of negotiation between the prosecutor and defense attorney. Plea bargains normally indicate the accused is guilty of the charge to some degree and instead of dragging the case out in court a deal is sought after and agreed upon by all parties. The two different lawyers have a major impact on the courtroom process. It is well documented that there is a high accumulation of cases that can become idle. This can be prevented by the hiring of more professional defense attorneys and prosecutors which may help alleviate the strain that backlog cases are having on the court process. The defendant and victim are also important courtroom participants. The defendant is the accused person and per the sixth amendment under due process outlines that a defendant has the right to council, confrontation and to be present at the trial. “The Sixth Amendment’s provision that accused persons enjoy the right to be “confronted with the witnesses against him” (Siegel, Schmalleger, & Worall, Chapter 10, 2011). This is to provide a proper defense and to participate in challenging the witness’s testimony. After all it cannot be a fair trial if the defendant isn’t present. More importantly is the victim. I truly believe the long process that a trial may sometimes have to endure and the all the efforts of the working participants is truly in the victims favor. The victim is who the crime was committed against and is there to voice the events of the crime to the jury. The bailiff is the law enforcement figure of the courtroom that helps to maintain order. The bailiff will wear a uniform that is recognized as a law enforcement official. The bailiff will bring documents to the judge as requested by the judge. Bailiffs can also administer oaths to the witnesses that will testify. If there is every an unruly moment or an…