Courtroom Players Response Essay

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Courtroom Players Response
Rebecca James
March 22, 2015
Richard Daniels
The courtroom work group consists of professional groups actors that are made up of judges, prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, public defenders, and others who earn a living serving the court. The courtroom work groups interact well on a daily basis. They treat one another with dignity and respect. They give one another a chance to hear each other plea out and diplomatically discuss legal matters by follow the laws and regulations.
The role of the prosecutor is to present the state’s case against the defendant. Another known role is to serve as the quasi-legal adviser to the local police department. The prosecutor determines which cases to pursue based on the facts of each case the evidence provided. In the event the prosecutor took cases under less stringent requirements it would waste the courtroom time and money. Cases with not enough evidence would not convince the jury to make a decision. In the opposite realm, where the prosecutor tries to take cases with a more stringent requirement and the evidence were minimum, would lead the criminals to get away with more crimes. Without concrete evidence the criminal could be given less punishment that deserved.
The changes to the courtroom work group that I would recommend, that trial should not be speed up and all parties focuses accordingly to the justice and rules. There are often cases where innocents are punished and criminals