Crazy Horse Research Paper

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Crazy Horse was an Oglala Sioux native chief who fought to keep a reservation in Black Hills. He was born in 1842 into the Lakota tribe near Rapid Spring in South Dakota.

He was an influential historical figure because he was an important leader, he was a strong warrior in many battles, and he was a role model for many generations of Native Americans.

Crazy Horse was an important leader to his tribe. His tribe, the Lakota, were the strongest tribe out of the other tribes and had the most land and they were not troubled by the white settlers coming in. This shows that Crazy Horse knew what it was like before all the battles and what peace was like. In August 1854 Lieutenant John Grattan led a group of soldiers into a Sioux Camp to take the Sioux men who killed a settler’s cow. They went to the chief of the camp, Conquering Bear, to ask for the men but the Chief refused their demands, and was shot and killed. The people of the camp rushed to fight the white soldiers and the group of soldier were all killed. This was later call the Grattan Massacre, and this event sparked the First Sioux War between the United States and the Lakota people. After these events, Crazy Horse went on a vision quest. He sat in the same spot for four days without food and water and then he saw his vision he seen himself leading his people and being in battle and never being harmed or wounded in battle. He had a distrust for white settlers and later
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He had partaken in many battles like the Fetterman fight, it was battle in 1866, where the lakota fought a group of americans soldiers but the lakota came up top on and had left victories. One of the major battle he was in was the battle of little bighorn, where he and other tribes fought against office Custer and his soldiers. Custer died in the battle and crazy horse had won the battle. The reasons why Crazy Horse fought in these battles is because he wanted to keep a reservation in the black