Creating The Yard Of Your Dreams

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Creating the Yard of Your Dreams.

Creating the Yard of Your Dreams.
IT/221 Axia College

1 PROJECT Definition 4
4.1 Goals and Objectives 7
4.2 Project Deliverables 7
4.3 Deliverables Out of Scope 9
4.4 Project Estimated Costs & Duration 9
5.1 Project Assumptions 9
5.2 Project Risks 10
5.3 Project Constraints 11
6 Project Structure Approach 12
7 Project Team Organization Plans 13
8 Communication Plan 15
8.1 Risks and issues management 16
8.1.1 Potential exceptions and problems 16
8.1.2 Appropriate corrective measures 17
8.2 Change management process 18
8.2.1 Change management process steps 18
8.2.2 Change control board (CCB) 20
9 Development and Implementation 21
10 Measurement and Project Closing 22
10.1 Quality Management 22
10.2 Communication Management 23
10.3 Customer Expectation Management 24
10.4 Asset Management 25
10.5 Lessons Learned 25
10.6 Postproject Tasks 26
10.7 Maintenance 26
10.8 Project Closure Recomendations 27

This project will encompass the entire remodeling of the front and back yards, side yard sections of the home, and the instillation of both a deck on the back of the house, and also a fence that will surround the back and side yards of the home. For this project we have been asked to do the following work on a property. We will be required to start no later than May 30, 2010, and ending no later than July 31, 2010. The old deck will need to be removed and disposed of. Then all of the old turf will need to be removed. At this point all ground will be leveled to meet the needs for the 2 flower gardens on the side of the house, the small fountain in the back yard, all cement/brick paths, and the new ground level deck that will also be part of this project. After all of the ground is leveled, the walkways will be poured or bricked as chosen by the customer, the front will need the new lilac bushes planted, and the back and side yards will have a six foot privacy fence installed. Then the ground level deck is to be installed at the same time as the contractor comes in to install and run the water lines for the fountain. Once these are complete then we will complete the job by laying all new sod in all sections of the yard(s).
Project Executive Summary
When dealing with our customers MT Construction is able to cover all needs indoors or outside when it comes to removal and re-building of all things that a home owner would want to do to improve the looks and value of their property.
The high quality work that MT Construction has done in the past, and will continue to do in the future shows through from our customers and the continued business that we continue to maintain from them over and over again. Word of mouth has given us a head start against all of our competitors that can’t be matched even with high priced advertising. We’ve built a foundation of trust that brings old and new customers to our company again and again.
Where some construction companies specialize in doing only exterior work like siding, roofing, carpeting, and/or room remodeling MT construction has the trained and certified staff to complete any job big or small that includes even smaller more detailed work such as hand laid tiling, masonry work, and electrical projects.
With MT Construction we are able to give the customers a viable look at all areas including the scope, cost, and timeline constitute major verifications of project delivery. The scope is going to show the project goal’s efficiency and quality.
Project Overview
The complete remodeling of the customers yard will be used to improve the customer’s yard to enable them to use the yard in more privacy with the new privacy fencing that will be put in place. We also will give them the ability to enjoy the yard with a new beauty that they will enjoy while sitting on the new deck alone or while