Creation Myth Final Essay

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Jack DeVries
Creation Myth

Hank and the Old Republic The old republic was a glorious society of tall, beautiful, immortal beings. These beings did not need hunt for meat, farm for grains, or do anything that was difficult for them. They were all given homes and wives and never had any stresses in their lives and they lived on a beautiful world. In this world, everything was clean, there was food everywhere, and no one had to worry about anything. This world was called Hankoria and was a tribute to him. He built it because he was lonely and wanted beings to inhabit his universe with him. He allowed them to do as they pleased and in return, they gave him companionship. They travelled up one thousand steps to heaven every day to see Hank and keep him company for half the day and returned home to spend their lives as they pleased for the other half. This was their only chore. Over time, the immortals stopped coming to visit Hank as often, due to gluttony and laziness. Hank was forgiving at first, but over time, Hank took note of the immortals leaving him. Eventually his assembly hall was empty all day, every day. This enraged Hank who killed all but two of the immortals. These two immortals he turned into humans. Humans had soft flesh, were stupid, had no clothes, and small brains; capable of progress only over extremely long periods of time: hundreds of years. He then took the beautiful world he created and crushed it into a ball, now known as Earth. He pulverized their beautiful city so thoroughly that everything was reduced to the basic elements. He placed the humans on this world watching them fight to survive. He also gave them death, causing them to die and rot in front of their children as soon as they became smart enough to understand the world around them. He threw animals onto the earth. These animals were devilish: they were dirty, hairy, and smelled. They had teeth that could easily tear through soft human flesh and four legs, far superior to the humans’ two. The humans could only survive by killing the animals, tearing out their innards, and eating the muscles that the animals use to chase down and kill humans, in the animals lives. At this point, Hank was extremely angry at the world, and the humans. He