Essay about Creative Writing Morning in the Countryside

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The setting was ever changing. The countryside drifted from night to day. Dawn, the time between as the livestock awoke once again. A patchwork of fields over flat ground or rolling hills, with strips of woodland here and there. The sounds of birds whistling in the trees, proudly reciting their morning tunes and rousing the animal kingdom. I felt each blade of ice-bound grass separating and crunching under my exposed feet. Raw sunlight had already begun to melt away the frost that covered nearly every surface. It was serene. Flooding, morning fog had proceeded to retreat as dew drops began to trickle down the stems of grass varying from a iridescent green shade to a saffron tint. I felt the bite of the fresh morning breeze because my cheeks, nose and ears to numb a crimson red. Rays of rouge and gold rained down on the defrosting plains attempting to set them aflame. The grass is shaggy and waving, like rippling waves in a moss coloured ocean. Lush, mature trees moved with each gust of wind, bringing the sound of whipping leaves to my ears and foliage fell in turns with each breath. Tall, sturdy mahogany structures lined up against each other marked territories had peeling bark. Amongst steep hillsides and banks forest glades are overlaid with early buds of vivid periwinkle. Adorned branches of youthful vegetation twisted every which way covered the soil, tips curled like blades of emerald reaching out in all directions. Clouds took on an otherworldly hue, the rising sun