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Qamar Shaker
I completely agree with Goldberg’s ideas. I mean writing should be free and simple; it shouldn’t be about big fancy words or poetic approaches. But rather about being creative and entertaining and getting the point across without sounding like an idiot that’s my view on it. I like her rules on it and I just realized that I actually did exactly as she said in my 10 minutes writing. Also she is completely right about having to practice every day as that’s the only way to get good at writing. I would really love to use Goldberg’s approach on writing but I’m afraid not many professors would like that. But at the end writing should only be about getting your point across to the audience effectively. And it shouldn’t matter how much fancy words or phrases you have in your writing. I think I will do the 10 minutes writing everyday as I really enjoy it. I also think that writing does come straight from your personality and ego as much as from your brain. I also agree that the 10 minutes method should be used as warm up in writing classes as it frees the brain and wakes up your creative side. So as a fellow writer I completely agree with Goldberg’s analysis on writing and how it should be done and on practice. Especially as I find it very important to practice writing just like you need to practice soccer and guitar.. etc…
The only thing I disagree about is that Goldberg states that you should never control your thoughts while I think that at some point you need to