Essay about Credit Rating and International Credit Partners

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February 13, 2012

Mr. Joe Seymore
2035 Bonita Avenue
La Verne, CA 91750-4442

Dear Mr. Seymore,

We wish to thank you for your interest in the International Card. Our goal is to provide qualified consumers with great credit options, and the resources to acquire and build a sound financial future. Very good…We open attempting to build goodwill and on neutral ground…We do not know immediately that this is a negative message…

As a 22 year old senior at the University of La Verne, your application indicates you are headed in the right direction. I like this opening sentence…You acknowledge your recipient and where he is in life… Your credit history shows you have consistently made payments on time. –Very nice touch! This is one major factor we look for when approving credit, however, our policies stipulate that cardholders be employed full time and meet a minimum asset requirement. International Credit Partners highly values its customers and we offer a wide variety of services. A very deft and well-presented paragraph…A very YVP paragraph that acknowledges the consumer’s needs while also communicating, elliptically, the information that must be communicated…Nicely done!

We would like to make you aware of another product which may be of significance to you, the International Prepaid Card. This card can help you achieve the financial freedom you deserve. It will also help you manage your money and save on fees; most…