Essay: 'Another Tour Cancelled Of South London'

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Arghh…another tour cancelled.. owwww what a shame.. are you joking... WTF.. %£%??$? !!

.. all those screams from south London were audible to me in north, when much awaited 'Bristol Tour' got cancelled, but this sheer disappointment lasted only until fixture secretary Steve got hold of one of the beautiful cricket venues to replace the tour. Kudos to Steve for his job through the season!! Oh oho … ok, don’t worry Tej I won't mind spearing some credit to you too for managing the team year after year!

Too much of unnecessary praising, so spotlight on this game now..

Suraj after loosing the toss was asked to bowl first, off course every captain will curse his luck so did Suraj being asked to bowl first in TIMED GAMES, but it was more painful for the fact that, before the toss it has been agreed between both the skippers to play 38 over's a side (Suraj had negotiated it), but as host previously expressed their interest in the time game and it is the host who is GOD here, our liberal club manager and sec reversed back to the hell 'TIME GAME' on a promising batting track (apparently it was bowling track while siccies batting)

Our opener bowler Nico got the nick of Old Rutlishians' ** first batsman in the fist over of the innings, but surbs couldn't capitalise it and the 2nd wicket partnership took 110 runs when Shri took his first wicket for the club in his debut over, but siccies were never in the best of their action. The combination of inaccurate bowling and good batting put 197 on board before the innings got declared.

After having a lovely Tea, Surbiton's opener Jonny and Suraj started cautiously but when they were looking good, in the 7th over, surprisingly Jonny wanted to say good bye to the ball but he ended up drawing a perpendicular to the ground (being a maths teacher we can expect some maths from him.. after his promotions, we may see spirals and parabola) after a couple of over there was a mystery of run out, when Suraj threw both the ends of the rope to the drowning Steve.. to resolve the 'rope knot' mystery umps had to call 3rd umpire Billy Bowden to learn some exceptional run out rules, fortunately Steve ruled out, yes fortunate for suraj but sooner than later he realised how fortunate it was #%$£"*()*@~# when Steve got his LBW wicket, who said you have to bowl for