Criminology: Sociology and Grades Delinquents Essay

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Caira 1 Public school delinquency is a major problem in our school system that is yet to be solved but with the use of control theory it can be deterred and or potentially solved. It can argued that low self-control in early childhood leads to delinquency as per their inability to hold back such impulses. This may though carry on into adult life which may turn into criminal behaviour. With that being said I feel that some changes need to be made to the public school system in order to ensure that delinquency is reduced or eliminated entirely. Some of these solutions include rehabilitation against punishing delinquents, finding co-relations between life at home and life at school and finally find what motivates the individual to act out. I believe that instead of punishing delinquents in schools I firmly believe that they should focus more on rehabilitating rather than punishing them. By rehabilitating them instead of punishing them you can for force them to put their energy towards deviance and try to turn it into positive energy .Give them tasks to do so that they do not have time for any delinquency. In other words make them set goals for themselves. This is based on Hirschi’s theory on social control. An example of this would be giving a student a behaviour chart so it reinforces them to act accordingly in which they will be rewarded for their good behavior. They can also encourage them to be more social with their fellow peers. As delinquency often also reflects in grades delinquents should be more encouraged to actively participate in class as well as study. I think that schools should do more research into kids home life as too see a correlation between what goes at home and at school. They should do more research Caira 2 on to what goes on at school because children may act out at school due to the fact that they may be getting abused or a parent abusing another parent. Also if a child witnesses a parent committing or has a parent who commits criminal behavior the association is there. Also if the if there are disciplined continuously in a non-violent matter tend to be less deviant than those who are disciplined by being hit by their parents. This