Crisis Blown over Essay

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Case Study 4 ± Crisis Blown Over

Ques 1. Do you think that the Bangalore-based company had practiced participative management?
Answer. During such a crisis the company and the union both showed great sense of oneness. They both come together for solving the problem and thus ensured that the employees and the employers both don’t suffer the consequences of the factory being shut for non-production by the workers. Yes, they have practiced participative management. Participative (or participatory) management, otherwise known as employee involvement or participative decision making, encourages the involvement of stakeholders at all levels of an organization in the analysis of problems, development of strategies, and implementation of
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Work rules include any terms or conditions of employment, including pay, work breaks and lunch periods, vacation, work assignments and grievance procedures.

Ques 3. If you were the union leader, would your behavior have been different? If yes, what would it be?
Answer. The decision taken between the management and the union helped to take care of a situation which would have resulted in a crisis, if the action would not have been prompt.The union leader took every measure possible to have the workers back to work as soon as possible. As a union leader what decisions were taken, they were a good measure of the unions intent of starting the work in the factory as soon as possible. As delay in this regard would have not only resulted in the loss of man hours but the wages of the employees would also have been suffered.
I would have given a thought about getting as many workers under the ESI Act., so that, in case of such situation, the ESI Act. Would have been appropriate to cover it.

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