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Organizational Communication – BADM 6123
Master in Business Administration Group 127
Southern Nazarene University Kep Keoppel PhD

Kouassi Atse Sekedes Christian B.K

It is hard to focus now on my life since I learned that one should think more about what one can give to others than on how much one can take from them. Similarly, it is even harder to measure one’s human quality using quantitative rationalistic criteria. However, I have intervened for six months in a structure called Orange Telecom France that provides Network Services and where I was in charge of accommodating customers and offering logistic maintenance. Most of my actual skills have been acquired during this intensive work, when I was in charge to identify, evaluate, introduce new carriers and providers which offer services that could be benefit for Orange Telecom and coordinate with internal teams to prepare and submit service orders. After a several amount of time I have been promoted team leader of my group. The issue happened one day when I was doing my work during a meeting. Unfortunately I was left in charge of fixing a computer issue while the responsible for the IT department was not around. I was forced to use my skills of training to fix it or it will mess up the whole meeting. I have been helped with the IT assistants but they did not come up with something new so I came up with a solution and everything start going well over. This was a successful, memorable incident for me to accomplish something so difficult. I was so proud of myself because when the manager came back he was extremely impressed for what I did. The lesson is that when you think something is too much for you to handle, you can always overcome your fears and accomplish your goals.

Before I got employed in that company, I have attended so many times to the meetings when the company was showcased the new products and services that