Critical Thinking Assignment

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Critical Thinking Assignment #2

Learning Objective: 1. Students will develop a relevant research question. 2. Students will use PICO to understand Methods section of athletic training literature a. P – Patients b. I – Intervention c. C – Comparison d. O – Outcomes 3. Students will identify dependent and independent variables.

Please answer the following questions based on the Introduction and Methods section provided for you in the EBP folder.

Review your answer for this question from critical thinking assignment #1: If you were trying to answer this research question, how would you go about doing it? Who would you recruit to volunteer? What type of experiment would you do? What would be your challenges? What would you control? What do you think you could not control for?

1. Please define the following using the method as an example for each definition: e. P – Patients: 300 Athletes; 125 men, 175 women. 50 uninjured athletes; 21 men, 29 women. f. I – Intervention: Ober’s test: The patient lies on the uninvolved side with hip and knee flexed in a 90-degree angle. The examiner placed the knee in a 5-degree flexion angle, fully abducts the lower extremity that needs to be tested, then allows the force of gravity to adduct the extremity until the hip cannot adduct any further. Modified Ober’s test: The patient is positioned on the side of the unaffected leg with the hip in neutral position and the knee in a 0-degree angle. g. C – Comparison: The Ober’s test is used to test for IT band flexibility and the Thomas test is used for the determining iliopsoas flexibility. h. O – Outcomes: The results showed that there are a lot more women with patellarfemoral pain syndrome than men and also IT band pain syndrome.

2. Did the authors recruit the same population you would have to answer the research question? Yes or NO. Why would you choose a different population or