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The Crucible by Arthur Miller 1/ The Crucible is a widely read and performed play. As Miller states It is one of the most heavily demanded trade fiction paperbacks in this countryI dont think there has been a week in the past forty years when it hasnt been on a stage somewhere in the world Miller, A. (2002). Why I wrote the Crucible - an artists answer to politics. Retrieved from HYPERLINK http// http// 8 October 2010. You are to give reasons for the plays enduring success and explain in an analytical manner the relevance of this play for todays audience. Evaluate the importance of the ideas and themes and how they can relate to us now. 2/ The Crucible communicates knowledge, ideas, practices and values about the strength of the individual standing up for their beliefs even if their stance ends in death. Analyse how Miller has constructed characters, imagery and ideologies (knowledge, ideas, practices and values) in the play to position readers to see individuality and the strength of their beliefs. 3/ Arthur Millers repeated references to good and evil and the associated symbolism of temperature (heat and cold) are used in key moments in the play. Analyse the representation of the struggle between good and evil and the associated language of temperature that Miller uses to position readers and communicate ideology in he play. In this assignment, you are required to reference in your essay, any quotes you use from your novel and to also include a bibliography. In English, we are going to use the Harvard Referencing System. REFERENCING WITHIN THE TEXT Within your text, any time you quote directly from the play, you need to include the text in inverted commas. At the end of the quote, you put a comma and then in brackets insert the following (AUTHORS LAST NAME YEAR NOVEL PUBLISHED, PAGE NO). At the conclusion of the information in the