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The first project I attended on CSA day was researched by Martha Hobby and described the gender differences in rates of depression and suicide in middle and high school students. This research was conducted by using an archival method of data collection of surveys done in North Carolina. The subjects were middle and high school students. This research found that female students show higher rates in all categories (depression and suicide). The data also shows that the gap between genders has closed in recent years, evening out the depression and suicide rate among the two genders. Implications of this research show suggest that risk factors that both girls and boys face during middle and high school years could contribute to higher rates. It also suggests that girls have a more difficult time adjusting and fitting in during these years, resulting in their higher rates of suicide and depression. I found it very interesting that since 1993 the suicide rate has dramatically decreased! I think this directly related to the help that is available nowadays to help people cope with their problems.
The second project I reviewed was researched by Amanda Krzywinski. Her project researched the process of converting green fluorescent protein into alternate colors using site-directed mutagenesis. I chose to review this project because I remember learning about this in class, making it very easy to relate to. This project describes a polymerase change reaction strategy used to mutate the GFP protein, a protein found in jelly fish that makes them bright green, to make a product glow blue or yellow. The purpose of this project was to culture GFP plasmid in Escherichia Coli, isolate it in plasmid