Csi Analysis Essay

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The purpose of this project is to provide the reader of this paper with a descriptive analysis of an episode of Crime Scene Investigations (C.S.I.). The intent is to show what is provided by the television series of what happens in a crime and what is supposed to happen during a crime scene investigation. The reader should be able to understand during this analysis to what in fact is non-realistic in this television episode and what is reality as determined by what has been researched. This will show what really happens in a crime scene investigations lab.
The episode chosen for this review was CSI: Miami, The Golden Parachute. The episode begins with an aircraft taking important people to testify in front of the Security Exchange
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The National Institute of Justices has a guide that should be followed while doing crime scene investigations. These sections are the arrival at the scene, preliminary documentation and evaluation of the scene, processing the scene, completing and recording the crime scene investigations and crime scene equipment. (Travis et al, 2000) The patterns of proper crime investigation protocol was not followed throughout the episode to insure the required rules that our governed by law enforcement. Crime Scene Investigators are lab technicians that are responsible for searching for evidence that will help solve a crime based on science. They work on blood samples, hair, fibers, impressions, gun and ballistics analysis. They do not play the role of police officer as portrayed in The Golden Parachute episode and arrested the perpetrator (2002). The aircraft crash was only handled by the crimes scene investigators in the episode and no mention of the FAA or NTSB. The NTSB was created by Congress in 1967 to handle any aviation and any other mode of transportation related accidents. They have the jurisdiction to handle all accidents when it pertains to aircraft of any kind. They were never called in the episode. A level two biohazard as described in the episode was with oil and gas leakage and could cause damage to the environment. They had no one show up to contain the area to and do a risk assessment. According to