Csr Nestle Case Study Essay

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Corporate Social Responsibility.
Nestle Case Study.

In this work I am going to address how Nestle is managing its corporate social responsibility.
Firstly, I would like to give a simple definition of CSR. It is the comprehensive approach companies take to meet or exceed the expectations of stakeholders beyond such measures as revenue, profit and legal obligations. It covers community investment, human rights and emploee relations, environmental practices and ethical conduct. (Oliver, 2011, p.32). Simply put it is “companies integrated social and environmental concerns in their daily business operations and their onteractions with their stakeholders on a daily basis”. (Wetherly, Ottor, 2008, p.193).

About Nestle:
Nestlé S.A. is
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The description of how this system of Creating Shared Value is based on the example of hoe Nestle is operating in Latin America. It is stated that Nestle has specific purchasing guidelines and supplier contracts that support specific quality parameters, production and delivery methods that preserve soil, water, air, energy, genetic diversity and minimize waste. A given example of existing sustainable approach is launch of the first Fairtrade poduct by Nestle (Nescafe Partners Blend) – fairtrade certified coffee. Apart from that, Nestle is also one of the founders of Agriculture Initiative Platform, a food industry association to promote sustainable agriculture taking into account economic, social and environmental production. Relying on small farms as its suppliers of agricultural raw materials, Nestle cooperates with the farms, introducing new technologies and sustainable practices. As for its emploees, Nestle provides training and education for its stuff and healthy working environment. By providing research and studies Nestle is improving its products in terms of health and nutrition. It enabled a programme for children, called Nutrir, which gives children food education, giving children knowledge of how to cultivate and harvest vegetables. In addition Nestle is publishing a scientific journal linking health issues and nutrition