Mars International Marketing Report Essay

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This is an international marketing report on the chocolate brands of MARS Incorporated, an American global family owned company runs in the United Kingdom market. There are three main sections in the report which are background and introduction section that provides relevant information of MARS including its objectives and segmentations, as well as explains the market analysis tools that are used; environmental analysis section which states the significant factors affect MARS chocolate in UK market in both external and internal environments on the base of a SWOT and DEEPLIST analysis; finally the solution and strategy section which presents a fully justified foreign market entry strategy and detailed international product mix decisions. …show more content…
The region contributes to nearly 17% of world’s cocoa (Ploetz, 2007). The cocoa disease is an important threat to chocolate production worldwide, and it also affects the price of Mars bar to such an extent in Britain market.
In 2008, the economic crisis brought huge changes in a lot of business especially in retailer industry, and this crisis also lead to the increase rate of inflation in UK, from 2003 nearly 1.5% to 2008 nearly 4% (UK history inflation rate, 2013). The high inflation rate greatly reduces the purchasing power of Britain’s consumers which cause them buy lower price alternatives.
Price of cocoa change and high inflation rate in UK brings huge threats for the operation of Mars bar business. For reducing the price cocoa issues, Mars should increase the investment of technologies to produce cocoa resistant trees and imparts academic knowledge for regional farmers, thus increasing the production of cocoa and balance the cocoa price. For high inflation rate, Mars should yield some low price substitute products or reduce production cost.
Social and cultural environment: Britain is a great diversity of religious beliefs country. The two main religious are Christianity and Muslims. The most recent issue that influences the Mars bar has been the business decision to produce and use of animal based rennet as an ingredient in the Mars bar in 2007 in UK (BBC, 2007). As a result, large number of