Essay on Cultural Awareness

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The continent of Africa consists of many different cultural groups and not one group is the same. Depending on the tribe in Africa the culture varies. One culture in particular that I wish to elaborate on is the Nigerian culture and society. The Nigerian country is made up of over 500 active languages; English of course was the chosen language by the British used to facilitate unity. Even though English is the chosen language, many others communicate by using their own language such as, Yoruba, Kanuri, and Ibo.
Surprisingly with over 200 ethnic groups, Nigeria is the most populous country in the continent of Africa. There are many followed religions in Nigeria and of those groups the most dominant religions are that of Christianity and Islam. Nigeria is religiously diverse and a little over 50 percent of Nigeria’s population has chosen Islam to be the religion in which they follow and second in lead is Christianity which has approximately 48 percent of the population as followers. Even though there is freedom of religion in Nigeria in 2012 thousands of Muslims and Christians lost their lives when the Muslims attacked the Christian Villagers. The conflict alone is not just between Muslims and Christians it is about politics, economy, and cultural and ethnic lines. As the climate changes natural resources are scarce and people then have to travel elsewhere which causes the crossing of boundary lines where conflict arises. Some Nigerians have even said that they were cursed by religion