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Dia de los MuertosAttention Getter: Imagine your deceased loved ones could come down from wherever they may be to be with you for 24 hours. That’s the basic idea of Dia de los Muertos, or day of the dead in Mexico.
Thesis Statement: Showing your loved ones spirits a great deal of respect and love is the reason behind the celebration. According to my work cited 1, people who celebrate this holiday believe that happy spirits will provide protection, good luck, and wisdom to their family.
Preview of Main Points: I will cover the basic idea of this interesting holiday, how it is celebrated today, and some of the many offerings and rituals performed.
Main Point One: Many religions and cultures celebrate death in various ways. You may think this is a dark and sad holiday from the name Day of the Dead, however, it is actually a very happy and celebratory day.
Sub Point: This holiday started in pre Columbian times, and is celebrated in numerous latin countries the most famous being Mexico. People believe the gates of heaven open at midnight on October 31st and are open for 2 days.
Sub Point: Spirits of deceased children are released first to be with their families for 24 hours. Following this period, the adult spirits are free to celebrate with their friends and families for another 24 hours.
Main Point Two: This holiday is unlike any in the world. You normally wouldn’t associate skulls and skeletons as celebratory decorations, but in Mexico that is exactly it. But people will sometimes save two months of their earnings to pay for all of the offerings they need to successfully please their loved ones spirits.
Sub Point: According to my work cited 2, sugar skulls and skeletons are the most recognizable and used decorations for this holiday. Also, it is not unusual for people to paint half their face as a skull as a way of honoring their dead. However, this is just one part of the decorations and offerings.
Sub Point: People often use food as an offering to their deceased loved ones. Pan de muerto, or day of the dead bread, is the most infamous delectable and is widely used throughout Mexico. In addition to food, flowers indigenous to the area are commonly used as decoration pieces. Now people generally set these offerings up in either one or both of these ways. You can decorate the loved ones grave and tombstone with your items, or you can build an altar usually in your home to commemorate their spirit.
Main Point Three: Today this holiday has turned into at least a month long preparation in some areas. Between saving money, making offerings, and traveling to your destination you must prepare!
Sub Point: According to my work cited 3, often times bakeries and restaurants will switch from making everyday foods to more historical…