Essay on Culture: Customer Relationship Management and Crm

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1.0. Company Background 4
2.0. SWOT Analysis- CRM approach 5
3.0. CRM Project Objectives 3.1. Background information 6 3.2. Overarching objectives 6 3.3. Project objectives- detailed 6
4.0. Selected CRM suite and analytical capabilities 7 4.1. Introduction 7 4.2. Tessitura analytical capabilities 8
5.0. Infrastructure requirements 9 5.1. Pre CRM implementation 9 5.2. Post CRM implementation 9 5.3. Key notes 10
6.0. Training 10 6.1. Training-Overarching 10 6.2. Training- Implementation 11
7.0. Timeline 12
8.0. Budget 13
9.0. Conclusion 14
10.0. References 15

1.0.Company Background

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is one of largest retail bank in Australia and one of the ‘Big Four’ Bank. It is providing a wind range of retail banking, business banking, premium banking, institutional banking, superannuation, funds management, insurance, investment and share broking products and services (commonwealth Bank, 2013). First branch opened in Melbourne in 1912. Commonwealth Bank vision is “to excel at securing and enhancing the financial wellbeing of people, businesses and communities”.

Commonwealth Bank annual turnover increased from 8 percent up 10 percent to $7,819 million (Commonwealth Bank, 30 June 2013). It has very significant shareholder base totals approximately 800,000 also huge number of employees about 52,000.

The Commonwealth bank has five customer-facing enterprise divisions, intended to align product development and service delivery more thoroughly with customer.

2.0. SWOT Analysis – CRM approach
Weakness commomwealth Bank is one of ‘ big four’ australia banks
Annual net profit after tax increased 10% from last year to $7,819 million (Commonwelth Bank Annual report,2013).
Strong distribution network : over 1,100 brances nationally, over 3,700 Australia post agencies, over 4,300 ATMs nationally and The commonwealth Bank supports approximatly 200,000 EFTPOS terminal (Commonwelth Bank Annual report,2013).
Magnificent scale of Australia widest banking client base, largest life insurers (Commonwelth Bank Annual report,2013).
Start internet banking since 1997 (Commonwealth Bank, Sustainability insights 2013).
Establishing mobile app name’s CommBank Kaching supporting to bank anytime (Commonwealth Bank, Sustainability insights 2013)
Highdependence of the Australian market
Global appearance is limited as related to any different major global banks
The important of online security
United stages economy seem to be better
Growth through businesses, purchase and cooperation with global players.
Increased social media user
Establishing services to support on the growing economies in south-east Asia
Impacted by gerneral worldwide economic
The change of laws and regulation
Competitive pressure increasing
Has strong competitor such as National Australia Bank, ANZ, Westpac
Clients demand to access 24/7 banking, faster and more flexible payments (Commonwealth Bank, Sustainability insights 2013)

3.0 CRM Project Objectives

3.1. Background information

Commonwealth Bank is direct and in direct marketing company. It relies on many campagins and sale packages. CBA can get new customer from direct sale, advertistment even from friends of customers. CBA aims to changing the way of banking happan(Andy Lark CBA Social story,2013).

3.2 Overarching objective
Increase Commonwealth Bank’s profitablility by increasing technology and social networking
Enhanced customer information and improved relationship management
Remove silos from employee Silos, customer Silos, partner Silos and Product Silo to increase productivity,collabration including innovation.
Increase the customer retention and royalty to increase the