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Causes of Culture Shock to the Saudis
Living in America

It is more common today to see people from Saudi Arabia travel to the United States to study, or work. The Saudis found themselves in different culture, which may cause to them culture shock. Also, Saudis may feel frustrated, homesick, nervousness, anxious, or unhappy as a result of culture shock. The most common causes of culture shock for Saudis who are living in the United States are the materialistic values of American society and the concept of liberty in the American culture.

It is very difficult for the Saudis who are living in the United States to deal with people who are so materialistic. When I arrived to Boston two months ago, my friend told me “when you want any service, even if it is simple, ask if it is free or not.” I was surprised when my friend told me that, and I didn’t realize what does he mean till one day, when I called one company to provide me TV, internet, and phone services. The lady in the customer services asked me if I wanted the company to send someone to configure the internet and the phone. I didn’t expect that question but I asked her if it is free? She said “no.” After that I conceived what my fried does mean, because in Saudi Arabia, simple services are free. Another example, when I received my schedule from Northeastern University, I found subjects in my schedule not related to my track. I though it is a mistake, but when I asked the coordinator of the course, he told me the schedule is correct and I have to study in another track, because there are no enough students in the same track. Later, I realized that it was not because the number of the students or there was no lecturer, however, the reason behind that is because the University wanted to save more money. Because there are twelve students in the same track, and there is a lecturer. In short, the Saudis are less materialistic compare to the Americans, and this may cause the Saudis feel frustrated when living in the United States.

The concept of the liberty in the American culture is another cause of culture shock to the Saudis. People in the United States are free to say and do whatever they want. It is good to have such freedom but sometimes it becomes uncontrolled or misused, at