Curley's Wife Character Analysis

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What would life be like for Sally if she told someone or acquired help from her abusive father? What would happen to Curley’s wife if she waited to find someone she loved to marry? Why didn’t Sally and Curley’s wife just talk to someone about how they felt? Throughout the book The House on Mango Street, the character Sally is, at first look, seen as a popular, immature, and inappropriate girl. Meanwhile in Of Mice and Men, another character, Curley’s wife, has a similar image for the reason that she made poor decisions. However a closer look shows that, although many people think Sally and Curley’s wife are irresponsible and immature they create shameless choices due to them trying to avoid their families, their rush to find love, and their lonely lives.
Sally is avoiding the problems she has with her family, which continues to cause her to make unfortunate decisions, such as going back to her father. “Her father says to be that beautiful is trouble,” (Cisneros 81), “You become a different Sally. You pull your skirt straight, you rub the blue paint off your eyelids,” (82). Sally at school is seen as a beautiful and dangerous girl by many people, including her father, yet when
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”’I’m lookin’ for Curley,’ she said,” (Steinbeck 31), “’You seen a girl around here?’ he demanded angrily,” (37). Here it shows the reader that Curley and wife are never together in the same room at the same time. “’Any you boys seen Curley?’” (76), once again Curley’s wife is looking for Curley. “’Why can’t I talk to you? I never get to talk nobody. I get awful.’” (86), here Curley’s wife says herself that she is lonely. Although Curley’s wife lives on a ranch filled with workers, none of them want to talk to her when she comes by. This and her never being with Curly causes her to visit the workers who are all men, giving her the image of an inappropriate woman doing adultery with other men besides her