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Anna Korody
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Current Events Essay

I got my article about Denmark’s poster conflict from a website on the internet. The internet site is It was recently published on October 28, 2013. The title of the article is Posters Causes Conflict as Campaign Season Begins, and is about how some voters dislike the annoyance of the campaigners. Election posters are always posted around the nation, but in Denmark some citizens are disturbed of the ‘old fashioned’ way of introducing their candidates. This year, the printing company printed 150,000 posters to be displayed around Denmark, and the Danish rival may rip them down. These posters were to be hung on four Saturdays before the election, but some eager helpers started early. Candidate Rasmus Jarlov witnessed about 700 posters being torn by perturbed Danes. “We don’t know who did it.” Jarlov told Politiken newspaper. This article is important because of the vandalism people caused in Denmark. Danes were trashing their own country and causing unnecessary catastrophe. . This bad behavior may influence other people throughout Denmark during election season. Although this may not seem as a big deal, this misfortune could spread throughout the world. Who knows why the Danish get so disturbed with this kind of propaganda. FOURTH PARAGRAPH
I imagine that in the future Denmark will have computerized tablets that…