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DIK7230 Curriculum Evaluation Assignment


In this assignment I will discuss curriculum theories and then relate them to my own profession and discuss where Beauty therapy lies within social and educational context.
Develop my understanding of evaluation and quality assurance, along with using appropriate evidence to make proposals for improvements within the Beauty sector.

Current role
My current role is as a part time lecturer delivering Beauty Diplomas, NVQ level 1 and 2 Beauty Therapy courses.
All students on the beauty diploma course range between 13 and 14. I teach basic skills to these students which include delivering a mixture of practical and theory activities to cover the outcome of the course.
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All NVQs are made up of separate units that set out exactly what a learner must be able to do and to what standard. Each unit is like a mini qualification, representing a training target for building up credits towards a final certificate. The overall NVQ is achieved through continuous assessment and training.
Diploma in Hair and Beauty Studies

The Diploma in Hair and Beauty Studies allows you to study a mixture of qualifications that meet your interests and needs. It helps you make an informed choice about work, training or university instead of being locked into one option whilst gaining experience of the workplace and understanding of what the job really involves.
Your progression route throughout the Diploma remains open, meaning that you can progress on to academic study, a higher level Diploma, employment, an Apprenticeship, work related training or university.

Curriculum theories and models
A curriculum model is a way of explaining the underlying logic, structure or principle of a system, Curriculum models are based on a body of theory about teaching and learning and how we design them. They outline approaches, methods and procedures for the implementation of the course.

Humanistic/liberal curriculum - – this is based on individuals having the freedom to be free thinking whilst in