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50 Cent
Curtis Jackson was born in Queens, NY, on July 6, 1975, and was raised by his single mother, until she was murdered when he was eight. While he was living with his grandparents, Curtis wanted to be a boxer. But later on he decided to be a crack dealer. Curtis was arrested when he was in tenth grade, but by the age of eighteen, he was making $5,000 a day selling crack and heroin. And then, began to become one of the most successful rappers, also known as 50 cent. As a kid 50 cent felt alone after his mother died. Doing badly in school and following the wrong people, he became a crack dealer. He started working for Ja Rule. While making money he wanted to become a rapper. So he starts to write songs and raps. Then something got robbed from Ja Rule and they thought it was 50, so he hired a killer. The killer shot 50 nine times and sent him to the hospital. The doctors took out all the fragments except the one in his mouth. He wanted to keep it for memories. Couple weeks later, Jam Master P got shot. He was 50 cents mentor. 50 wanted revenge. First, he wanted to kill Ja Rule. Then, it turned into just rapping. Soon after that 50 cent came with a song “How to Rob”, which had him beefing with other rappers, Jay-Z and Naz. Hearing 50 cents songs, Eminem liked them. Then, announced on the radio that 50 cent was his favorite rapper because “he’s the only one spilling the real thing.” 50 cent became very popular. Then Eminem told Dr. Dre about50 and had him sign into…