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Iowa Integration Forum
April 15, 2010

Member Testimonial
Steve Henry – Des Moines

Integration Forum
Integration Milestones: Where We Are Today
Top 12 Challenges
Integration Details:
Transition Process
Program Integration
Human Resource Operations
Customer Feedback
Materials & Documents
Customer Flow and Processes Assessment & Evaluation
Integrated Services

What’s Next
Questions and Answers
What You Can Do Now

Integration Learning Labs
Des Moines

July 2009


July 2009


September 2009

Fort Dodge

November 2009

Council Bluffs December 2009
Additional Labs:
Mason City

February 2010
April 2010
May 2010




Law – HF2699
Consultation with Other States
State / Local Partnership in
Lab Process in Implementation
High Visibility of IWD Director/Deputy
Director in all Phases of Implementation
Diversity of Expertise in State Leadership
State Board Setting the Tone for “Leap of
Faith” in regard to Performance Measures
New Brand Established – IowaWORKS



Teams Established
Leadership Initiative Improves Transition
Follow-up with Additional Training and
Technical Assistance After Launch
Flexibility in Changing as We Learn
Through the Labs
Open Consideration of Integration of
Other Programs Beyond WIA and WagnerPeyser
The Mentoring the Occurs when Staff of
One Office Visit the Staff of Other Offices
Patience Wins



and Staff


More Service
Opportunities and Customer
Needs through Membership
Enrollment Statistics
◦ Smooth co-enrollment into WIA programs ◦ Turning Claimants into Job Seekers on Day One


Challenge of Effectively
Serving Multiple Members at
Sharing Customer Feedback,

Top 12 Things We Learned
Through Integration


Knowing more about our customers assists with service delivery.


Not just integrated services – but a Process Improvement.


Integration is clearly different from Collaboration.


Once you lift the rock – you find a lot of

SQUIGGLY things underneath!


Technology is a HUGE hurdle. #7

With Integration we can
Strategically Drive our Resources.


Team Excitement and Engagement
GROWS with Comprehension.


It’s not hard to sell – even if it is hard to do.
Everyone wants to do better.


Integration is NOT for the faint of heart. #3

When our staff spends time with customers, GREAT things happen! #2


Neither floods nor mutant viruses nor a tanked economy can stop our commitment to improved customer service.


Member Testimonial
Rosslyn Mulwa - Creston

Overview: Iowa’s Integration Model
3 Purposes:

3 Functions/Teams:



Demand-Driven, Skill-based
Effective and Efficient
Value-added Impact

Skill Development
Recruitment & Placement

3 Customer Needs:

3 Integrated Inputs/Outputs:



Know Skills
Improve Skills
Get Job with Skills

Increased Volume
More with Multiple Services
Higher % Skill Enhancement

3 Methods:

3 Integrated Outcomes:



Integrated Customer Pool
Integrated Flow and Services
Integrated Staffing

Entered Employment
Labor-Market Retention

Integration Functions and Flow

Initial/Basic Assessment; Triage Questions

Service Cohort Recommendation

Data Collection and Co-enrollment

Skills Development
Skills Analysis and/or Assessment

Service Planning, Career Counseling

Skills Development: basic, work readiness, occupational, job search skills

Facilitated Job Search

Recruitment & Placement

Job Search Structure and Support

Automated Job Bank, Job Matching, Job Development

Referrals and Hiring Process Support

Business Services

Integration Transition

Six Month Transition
Month 1:

Designate local leadership team

Month 2: Start-up meetings; customer flow and floor planning; draft team assignments; begin