Customer Satisfaction Case Study

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This study gives an insight of the current situation of how NMB customers are delighted. Findings have revealed that key objectives of the study are met.

Customer satisfaction has a direct impact on Customer delight, satisfied customers have a repurchase rate that is higher than that of a somehow satisfied customer. Delighted customers will continue working with NMB in the future because findings have indicated that customers have not even thought of transferring to any bank in the near future and spend more money with NMB because customers are comfortable with charges and low interest rates on loans.
Findings have also revealed what delights customers from NMB services and according to (Keiningham et al. 1999;
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Customer supplier relationships are central to exceeding customer expectations (Parasuraman et al., 1991c). Findings have also revealed that NMB needs to improve on customer services so as to meet and exceed customer expectations. From the analysis staffs courteous and helpfulness to customer will improve NMB customer service. However offering VIP services to customers will improve the customer service. Despite the mentioned factors even the technology employed for customers to access services everywhere they are in Tanzania will also improve customer service and finally having the service providers ready and available to serve customers will also improve customer …show more content…
Thus, it is apparent that customers cannot `try out' services; they purchase a service prior to experiencing it and must trust it to deliver the perceived service promise (Berry & Parasuraman, 1992). Therefore providing good customer experience will enhance customer retention which will be beneficial for the growth of NMB. From observations customer retention is a result of customer delight and the easiest way to grow business is not to lose your customers. Once you stop the leakage, it’s often possible to double or triple your growth rate because you’re no longer forced to make up lost ground just to stand still. Offering extraordinary customer service is also a way of retaining customers in NMB because the never-ending pursuit of excellence to keep customers so satisfied that they tell others how well they were treated when doing business with you. Moving the product or service you deliver into the realm of the extraordinary by delivering higher than expected levels of service to each and every