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Best and Worst Companies for Customer Service?
Kimberly Harlan
Sanford-Brown College
Robyn Tatasciore

Large companies today spend billions to manage their public image, ?and in many industries no part of that image is more important than how people think a company?s customer service is.

Customer Service is becoming a lot more than an industry buzzword as large companies who treat their customers poorly are starting to lose customers right and left. Customers want good customer services, but if companies can just hire good PR people to cover problems up, how do we, as customers ever demand that companies improve.? cited:
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Within the airlines industry, Southwest Airlines had a baseline ASCI score of 78. Innovations such as Ding!, along with a passion for customer service is what keeps Southwest ahead of the competition. Southwest Airlines recently introduced Ding! a free program that sends audible electronic notices to a consumer?s desktop. Today?s dinged fares typically undercut Southwest?s published fares; ?also, the company remembers the very basic yet very vital rule of customer delight; happy employees = happy customers. While 90% of its employees are unionized, labor relations have been remarkably positive, especially by industry standards. There are no formal structures for labor or union participation in management decision making but the company-led by top managers who actively solicit and respond to employees views- has taken the lead on developing and maintaining this culture. ? cited; …show more content…
Pay Pal has a reputation for being the company that; froze funds planned for toys for poor children at Christmas, forced someone to destroy a violin rather than return it for refund, and blocked fundraising for Alzheimer?s research among other reasons. cited: lifehackers.comfiveworstcompanies customerservice. Pay Pal is generally seen as the definitive way to pay people online but it?s not necessarily the best. The idea was great in the beginning, easy way to send and receive payments using your email address, when companies grow very large, often times they begin to suck?, not focusing on customer service or even on the employees could be a factor as well. Because if a company has happy employees I believe they will have happy customers. Pay Pal has been known to make poor decisions in the name of security, such as holding your money under review for no reason, draining your checking account when you report fraud, putting 20% of your money in a rolling reserve account without asking, and much more.(cited: Adam Dachis;; why you should ditch PayPal) With all the negative and bad reviews written about Pay Pal, I feel they are only around because of Ebay, its mandatory to have a Pay Pal account when doing business on Ebay?. However, with further reading Pay Pal isn?t ?the only way now to send or receive money. Amazon WebPay sounds like a better way and its? totally