Cynthia Rylant Checkouts

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The story I selected is Checkouts by Cynthia Rylant. The theme of the story is love which is a very universal, in other words, many people can relate to it because love is an idea that could apply to anyone regardless of your race, gender or culture. Irony and the climax are the elements the author used within the short story which conveyed the theme. Checkouts being only one of more than a hundred literary works she has published nonetheless is still vital because it serves its purpose as a short story entirely by enhancing the life of every reader by teaching them an experience they could use in their own life.
The element that makes the theme take place in this story is the irony. The female main character, "the girl with the orange
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The author said when they did meet up again neither decided to offer a clue they had both been an object of obsessive thought for weeks. It's like they just forgot about all the emotions, attraction and love they had mutually shared. The climax brought out the theme because it showed how the main characters decided to deal with their infatuation, instead of having a happily ever after ending instead "the girl with the orange bow" met another boy who showed his affection for her by asking her on a date unlike "the bag boy."
Cynthia Rylant's short story presents the extraordinary and excellent representation of the universal theme, love. The elements that helped deliver the idea were irony and the climax.
Checkouts provide an unexpected love connection which is ironic for the reason that its unspoken between the two main characters and a climax that is ironic within itself and shapes the story to provide the unique theme of love. Cynthia Rylant flawlessly incorporated elements to distinguish her literature from others and teach readers a common yet important lesson about love in the short story