Dahl: Personal Life and Life Essay

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Brandon Dahl
Dr. Tim Benson
ENGL 1302-13
26 February, 2013
Positive Effects in Everyday Life Due to Wrestling The way one presents themselves in everyday life is very crucial to the way that person lives and the impressions others have on them. Throughout my life, development in this aspect has become very well rounded due to the positive effects of wrestling. Wrestling is not just a sport; in fact, it is a way of life that teaches men and women the lessons of developing a strong mind, overcoming obstacles, being able to commit, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Strong minded men and women have always understood that it takes the right type of person to show leadership. Wrestling is one of the best ways to train the mind to become stronger in situations that cannot necessarily be prepared for. The art of wrestling makes the mind and body work as one to get through everything involved in a match; one's mind must be sharp, quick, and attentive in order to survive this battle. Every match brings with it new encounters one would not have in an average day; the mind is challenged to make quick decisions and to react correctly, for the opponent has many different moves they may throw at the wrestler. Through hard work, dedication, and practice the wrestler is able to predict and move according to the slight movements they see in their opponent. Such development of the mind over years of training in this challenging sport, makes the wrestler a more attentive person in their everyday life. People view wrestlers in a different way; for example, in high school wrestlers are often allowed to miss class in order to make weight the day of meets. This well developed, strong mind is seen very highly by society; for instance, in the Navy SEALs, the success rate is known to be higher in those who grew up wrestling, which shows the toughness of a wrestler's mind. The high success rate is due to the mental game challenges throughout a wrestling program, and proves how being strong minded is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal of life. This acquired trait can never leave someone, and effects life in a positive way for future challenges. Life is full of many obstacles, and wrestling teaches abilities that can help with overcoming many of these challenges simply because of the overall concept of the sport. One does not simply "play" wrestling; wrestlers are there to wrestle. Every time one is on the mat, challenges are being thrown their way. Whether the challenge is on the mat; for instance, three seconds remain in a match and you're down by two points; or in everyday life, something unexpected happens and that person must know how to make the correct moves to get through it, lessons learned from wrestling give you the capability to do so. Sometimes in life the challenges presented may take more than book smarts, they may simply require someone to develop a plan and execute it in a perfect sequence in order to get past it. Problem solving is something a wrestler's mind is constantly able to do efficiently. Developing new ways to overcome everything in any aspect of life is easy for a wrestler because every time a wrestler is training, he or she is learning. The wrestler learns every move they perform, giving them the capability to counteract those moves, and to execute them in a perfect manner. Overtime, this grants them the ability to apply this to their personal life. Having the ability to problem solve is viewed greatly by society; in fact, it makes one's presentation of them self more bold in the eyes of others. Wrestling isn't just something anyone can pick up overnight and learn, it takes commitment and dedication. The ability to commit oneself to anything in life is always beneficial. Commitment is one thing that not only helps someone get through obstacles in life but also develops people overall to be strong and dedicated. In everyday life people can see the positive effects of committing to something, even if it