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Did the Media Play a Part in Your about the Zimmerman/Martin Case?
Ashley Cometto
Elisa Mauch
Taimy Rosales
Shanquel Scott
Dan Shay
Carl Tidwell
August 11, 2013
Velonta Adams

In 2011 the US Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation reported 14,612 murder and non-negligent manslaughter (FBI Statistics). The numbers are from a base of the population coverage of 311,591,917 people. George Zimmerman, is a 28-year-old multi-race Hispanic. Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch coordinator for a gated community in Martin, Florida. This was the location of Trayvon Martin’s home and where the death of Trayvon occurred. The world would halt for this case. Starting when the news was reported in Florida, then to the nation, and finishing with a not guilty verdict from the courts. The question asked now “is the Zimmerman case is over?” Should the prosecutors face ethics charges for bringing the case in the first place? Many people feel the prosecutors should be charged for Ethics violations, but they will not. The prosecution chose to take this case and go to court with the assistance of the media enhanced public image. Essentially, many politicians and activists ate up everything the media was portraying in this case and little cared about the truth in the case. It was clearly determined that this case never should have gone to court. There was simply little evidence that murder had occurred in this case. It was clear the prosecution felt pressure from the public due to the nature of the case to go to court. The prosecution stated their grounds for taking this case to court was due to racism. The prosecutors should face an ethics inquiry, but in this instance it won’t occur. Prosecutors rarely see ethics investigations and in the State of Florida there has to be probable cause for the court to authorize or open an ethics investigation. Although it does not seem just for the prosecutors to get a pass and get away with what many see as ruining Zimmerman’s life. Many believe the verdict was justified according to lawyers and others who watched, studied, and understood the case. EthicsDaily.com stated an opposing opinion of the case. They agreed that the jury in this case took their assignment seriously and made a decision off the information they were provided. However, it is also thought that the verdict was wrong and that there was racism involved and that Zimmerman was at fault for the death of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman never denied killing Trayvon. Some people are asking if this was a matter of self-defense or murder. In the State of Florida, the law Stand your Ground entitled Zimmerman to go before a judge. This was so the judge can determine for himself if the defense claim holds up, before Zimmerman even has to go before a jury. During the start of the trial, Zimmerman went through many attorneys due to numerous ethical issues. Attorneys who were to represent Zimmerman were relieved of their duty when they were displaying unethical behavior and giving false statements during interviews. These attorneys were hurting Zimmerman’s case not helping it. In the Zimmerman/Martin case many issues and concerns where brought up regarding the morals and values of the nation. An armed man was targeted, attacks, and killed a young man who simply was walking home. The world will never have both sides of the story regarding how these events took place. Many communities are upset and angry with the jury, for allowing someone to get away with murder and go without any punishment. The value of life is measured by the ability to apply laws to the convenience of the convicted. “A teen is dead because Zimmerman did not follow the orders of the local police to remain in his vehicle and wait for the authorities to arrive. He does not deny that he pursued Trayvon. Zimmerman does not deny the boy died by his hand. That is the whole case.” (Crouch, July