Daisy's Role In The Great Gatsby

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In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, the roaring 1920’s is portrayed as a time of fame, glamour, and excitement. It was known as the time that women were finally recognized as an influence in the American culture. Women were given some important rights during the 1920’s. In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald uses women as characters to show beauty, wealth and status, and independence and dependence.
In The Great Gatsby, women played a crucial role. Daisy symbolizes beauty because she is described as a captivating, young woman who has led people on with her innocent personality. She used her looks and beauty to help her live the glamorous life that she wanted. She helped build the American Dream in the novel by showing the happiness and beauty that is portrayed in the dream. Jordan is more mysterious and her beauties are those
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Daisy was very dependent on others and always wanted attention. When Tom would not pay attention to her, she ran after Gatsby. She was a typical role of a woman who wanted to marry someone rich. She wanted someone with money and did not care if she actually loved them. Jordan was a pro athlete so she was independent and was more of feminist. Jordan is very intelligent but then she also shows some carelessness in the novel as well. Jordan did lie and cheat on her golf game, but her wealth covered that up. She did not need anyone else to fend for her. Myrtle was a woman who had nothing and relied on a man. She wanted to draw attention from other men to make her feel better. She was not independent at all and always needed someone’s attention.
In conclusion, Fitzgerald used women to represent the social statuses throughout the novel. The three main women characters play a big role in the book The Great Gatsby. With the aid of women in the 1920’s and the book, it helps prove that the American Dream can happen to everyone if we all really