Dakota conflict (video reflection) Essay

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I learned new things from watching the “Dakota Conflict” video that showed many facts, which without doubts have changed my thoughts and perspective about the conflict between Dakota and Euro-Americans. Even though I don’t agree with the way the Dakotas reacted by killing innocent white people, but on the other hand I feel them and understand their situation clearly. It’s hard to see your land get stolen and your children and women get starved without doing anything. Their reaction was manly and pretty normal. One of the quotes from the video that earned my respect was about some Dakotas who said we “want to die like a man, not animal”. I really like people who prefer to die than to live with humiliation. Having started the war and lost, my compassion is still for the Dakotas and Native Americans. They were mistreated in many ways such as the fault treaties that they were forced to sign while they understood neither the language nor its terms. The treaties were greedy based by the U.S. government to buy the land from the Dakotas and give them a limited land, money and food in return. They wanted to convert them from a sovereignty Nation to one that depends on them. They went even further than that by letting the Dakotas give up the life style like their cloths, religion, beliefs and other stuff that means a lot for this tribe while they would have resisted if they were in their situation. This act is the second stage of colonization that is targeting the psychology of the indigenous people.

The war ended up tragically with lots of