Dakota Neal Research Paper

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Dakota Neal is 19 years old, a full time EMT with Americare Ambulance, while also being a full time student attending El Camino College pursuing an A.S degree in Fire Technology. He was born to Jason Neal and Kristin DeSaro, now Cope. Born in Torrance California, but spent his childhood with his mother in Duncan Oklahoma. By the age of 12 Dakota moved back to California to live with his father and stepmother, Mary Neal. Dakota at age 18 got his EMT certificate and shortly after passed his NREMT test.
Dakota’s mother Kristine Cope was his primary caregiver until the age of 12, she raised him along with his fully related sister Katrina and half sister Kelsie. His parents have not been together since he’s been born. She was a hard working and struggling single mom who worked 3 jobs to provide for her family. After Dakota’s father went to prison she moved the family out to Duncan Oklahoma to start a new life. When Dakota moved in with his father, his mother let him know
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When 12th grade rolled around he was less involved with IPASS, Link Crew, Ambassador’s, and ROTC. In ROTC he still competed, even placing 1st and while him and Klayten earned a reputation for their school as the team to beat from teams coming as far as Guam. Being his last year in High School and ROTC he helped train the future competition team. In October 2013 he ended up moving in with a friend and future girlfriend's family in Gardena so he’d have a consistently safe and secure place to sleep at night and food to eat . They would give him rides to school, but could only take him at 6 am and on days they couldn’t take him he would struggle to even make it to school by 8 am. At this point Dakota had very little contact with his father, only confronting him if parental signatures were needed because he was