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BAM 411
Human Resource Management


A Framework for Human Resource Management

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Study Guide

Seventh Edition, 2013

BAM 411 Human Resource Management
Message From the President


elcome to California Coast University. I hope you will find this course interesting and useful throughout your career.

This course was designed to meet the unique needs of students like you who are both highly motivated and capable of completing a degree program through distance learning.
Our faculty and administration have been involved in distance learning for over
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Each study guide contains several components selected and developed by the faculty to help you master the content of the course. Each chapter in the study guide corresponds to a chapter in the textbook. Study guides vary depending on the course, but most will include:
Learning Objectives
Self Tests
Key Terms
Critical Analysis Questions (graduate and doctoral students only)
The most efficient way to complete this course is to read the materials in both the study guide and textbook in the sequence in which it appears, generally from beginning to end.
Read the Overviews and Summaries
Before reading a chapter of your textbook, review the corresponding learning objectives, overview, key terms and summary sections in the study guide. These were prepared to give you an overview of the content to be learned.
Review the Self Test
After you have reviewed the study guide summaries, look at the items on the self test. As you identify your areas of relative strength and weakness, you will become more aware of the material you will need to learn in greater depth.
Review the Critical Analysis and/or Case Study Questions
(Graduate and Doctoral Students Only)
The critical analysis questions are designed to help you gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the course subject matter. This section will encourage you to give additional thought to the topics discussed in the chapter by presenting vignettes or cases with real world relevance. ix BAM