Dakota Pipeline Research Paper

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The Dakota pipeline is transporting crude oil from North Dakota to a storage facilities in Illinois. The theories we use was the straw man, red hearing, and the appeal of emotions. We picked this theory because this topic is basically discussing it. They are showing what the pipeline does.

The Dakota access pipeline is the minimum dept of 95 feet underground. It does not actually prevent on the Sioux land. The Dakota access pipeline goes under the Missouri tiger in North Dakota where it has drawn the large scale of protests. People do not want the pipeline on the land so they had move it where others humans did not have no say in it. The Dakota access pipeline cost slot of Balt construction on the pipeline.

The problem with Dakota pipeline is that the oil can spread everywhere and destroy everything. There was so many people that protested against the fossil fuel. They extremely
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Which is the second largest stare that produces the oil in the United States. Another argument was that most property are getting taking over. One hundred percent land is owned by a private property and some are owned by the federal government.

The Dakota access pipeline make up heavy walled steel pipes that is fifty percent thicker than that is required by the law. The pipeline can completely remove up to seven hundred and forty fails of cars and two hundred fifty trucks that needed every day to transport the crude oil. The pipelines is something people do not want in the land. The Dakota access pipeline have been in the Sioux and for thirty five years now.

While building the pipeline it cost them a lot of money. In a few months the construction had used ninety million in the pipeline. People are protesting about this because they do not want it in their back yard and they are an against it. They showed how much the pipeline can do to