Dana Hall Case Essay

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Charles Leasure
Social Values – Dana Hall Case Study

Elaine Betts is addressing Mr. William McMurtrie about changes that might be necessary for the survival of Dana Hall. This imaginary dialogue is based on a case study titled Dana Hall: Funding Mission article by McFarlan, Leonard & Tritter, 2006.

E.B. = You and I certainly have a very serious mission in formulating a new mission for Dana Hall. The present mission of the school has served it well in the past but is it right for the future of Dana Hall?

W. M. = I have only been involved with Dana Hall a short time but I am a trustee because I believe in what the school has done for its students as a single sex school. The girls are more confident, more academically engaged, and
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I can also see researching benefits of discontinuing boarding. Also, should be expand our ages and grade and perhaps revise admission criteria? I am also interested in the coed idea with or without boarding and with or without a merger. The committee has a tough job ahead.

E.B. = Yes, we have many avenues to search for a viable Dana Hall. We have many different stakeholders to consider. What mission will make a foundation for a better Dana Hall in the next hundred years? Time is short and the immediate future looks bleak.

W.M. = It will take continuing discussion to determine the fate of Dana Hall. I will say that I am leaning toward some sort of coeducational condition for the school unless the committee can visualize and produce a plan that will pull us out of our deteriorating financial position. This will be a difficult change for the school but we cannot survive by doing what we have done in the past.

E. B. = I’m also thinking that coeducation will be the best plan for Dana Hall. Let’s meet again to further discuss this with the other mission committee members. I will have some more data and talk to the business manager of the school to get some hard numbers.

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